October 8th, 2009

ZYRTEC FOR SALE, Organic is generally the better and safer choice when it comes to buying food. The higher cost of organic foods make buying only organic difficult, buy ZYRTEC from mexico. Where can i buy cheapest ZYRTEC online, However, not all non-organic foods are high in pesticide contamination, order ZYRTEC online overnight delivery no prescription. ZYRTEC pharmacy, Here is a list of the foods that you should buy organic due to their high pesticide levels, and a list of the foods which you don't necessarily need to buy organic, ZYRTEC from canada. ZYRTEC alternatives, Highest Pesticide Levels:

  1. Peach

  2. Apple

  3. Sweet bell pepper

  4. Celery

  5. Nectarine

  6. Strawberries

  7. Cherries

  8. Kale

  9. Lettuce

  10. Grapes (imported)

  11. Carrot

  12. Pear

  13. Collard Greens

  14. Spinach

  15. Potatoe

  16. Green Beans

  17. Summer Squash

  18. Pepper

  19. Cucumber

  20. Raspberries

Lowest pesticide levels:

  1. Onion

  2. Avocado

  3. Sweet corn (frozen)

  4. Pineapple

  5. Mango

  6. Asparagus

  7. Sweet peas (frozen)

  8. Kiwi

  9. Cabbage

  10. Eggplant

  11. Papaya

  12. Watermelon

  13. Broccoli

  14. Tomato

  15. Sweet potato

  16. Grapefruits

  17. Honeydew Melon

  18. Cranberries

  19. Cantaloupe

  20. Winter Squash

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  7. Megan says:


    It’s practically undisputed that organic produce is not contaminated by the same pesticides and other toxins present in conventional industrial agriculture. But you are incorrect in your assertion that there have been no studies to support that organic food contains more nutrients (which is, I think, what you are referring to). There have been studies that found statistically significant differences between organic and non-organic in nutrient content and others that have not. So, the science is not conclusive on nutrient content.

  8. Shari says:

    Another reason to go organic vs. conventional is organic foods cannot be GMO or GE (genetically modified or genetically engineered). For that reason, I won’t buy corn or potatoes that aren’t certified organic, as most of those crops which are grown conventionally have now been genetically modified (but are not labelled as such since they aren’t required to be) and there just hasn’t been enough research yet into the effects of GMO or GE foods for me to take a chance on them. I prefer to pay more $$$ now rather then later in medical bills. 100 years ago, everything was organic, then WWI and WWII opened up the chemical can of worms and the world hasn’t been the same since.

  9. rentika says:

    You say that buying organic is GENERALLY thought to be healthier and safer – according to whom? There are no studies that support those claims.

  10. I already knew about a lot of these, but it is still good for a refresher. I plan on sharing this post with others! Very useful!

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