September 18th, 2010

Below is a guest post by Kaleigh from Every College Girl.

BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Charmaine was kind enough to let me do a guest post here at Glamology, and I’m thrilled to share with you some tips on becoming green for green-virgins, like me. As we read and learn more about the world around us and how our decisions impact that world, buy RULIDE without a prescription, RULIDE trusted pharmacy reviews, many girls who were rather oblivious are beginning to get on-board. I grew up with very environmentally-conscious parents (we always recycled, RULIDE without prescription, RULIDE forum, conserved water, and composted our food waste) but when I went away to college, cheap RULIDE, RULIDE description, I let a lot of the upbringing slip away for the sake of convenience. Now, buying RULIDE online over the counter, RULIDE street price, I’m gradually coming back to the path my parents set me forth on, and re-learning some important small changes we can all make to make our carbon footprint a little lighter:

Bottled Water

After watching this video, RULIDE class, RULIDE natural, I’m disgusted that I ever even thought of drinking bottled water. It’s really ridiculous when you think about it: we all survived as kids and most of our teen years without bottled water, buy cheap RULIDE, RULIDE pictures, why the sudden lust for it now. And with all the adorable, environmentally, and cost-effective water bottles available, there’s no excuse to not fill up at home and bring your own, BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. If your tap water really does put you off, RULIDE photos, Cheap RULIDE no rx, either because of taste or smell, invest in a water filter, australia, uk, us, usa, RULIDE dangers, such as a Brita. You can split the cost with your roommates and it will pay for itself ten-times over with the money you save from buying bottles water at the store, where can i order RULIDE without prescription. RULIDE brand name, In restaurants, don’t be afraid to order tap water, generic RULIDE. What is RULIDE, Not only is it free, many restaurant have some form of water softener or filtration so that the water tastes just as good, RULIDE reviews, After RULIDE, if not better than that Aquafina you usually get. BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Such a simple change, with such a huge impact.

Paper Towels

We all use a lot of paper products in our daily lives, RULIDE cost, My RULIDE experience, and sometimes we grow so dependent upon them that they seem essential. While I agree that a green-virgin shouldn’t be tossing her TP anytime soon, online buying RULIDE, Effects of RULIDE, cutting back on paper towels can make a huge difference. Use paper towels to clean, RULIDE overnight. Buy RULIDE from mexico, Grab a box of washable cloths, and just throw them in with your dirty laundry to reuse them, RULIDE dose. Use your paper towels when cooking, BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. RULIDE for sale, Take the extra 2 seconds and use a plate, which you can obviously wash and reuse, discount RULIDE. Buy cheap RULIDE no rx, This one is a little tougher to swallow than some green tips, and you probably won’t be able to cut paper towels out entirely (no one wants to clean up kitty hairballs with a reusable towel), RULIDE interactions, Canada, mexico, india, but cutting back can save a lot of trees, not to mention leave some extra green in your pocket, RULIDE blogs. Where can i cheapest RULIDE online, Electricity

This concept of turning off electricity seems to old school, you probably think you’re already a pro, rx free RULIDE, Order RULIDE from mexican pharmacy, but there may be some steps you’re missing. Sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room, RULIDE price, RULIDE duration, but do you shut down your computer at night. BUY RULIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, What about unplugging power cords when you take off for a weekend. These simple steps can save tonnes of juice, which in turn will save you lots of money. Enlist your family and roommates to do the same, and make it a game: see how much you can reduce your power usage in one month, then try to beat that low. Taking steps in the right direction can save more than just money, it can help us build a better future for ourselves.

It’s not always easy, but the benefits outweigh any inconvenience that going green may create. Aside from the obvious environmental impact, saving yourself some money will always come in handy, and almost always goes hand-in-hand with your green attempts. Take it one day at a time, and keep your eyes out for the little ways you can be greener: they’ll add up quick, and before you know it, you’ll be a green-virgin no more. And don’t forget to check out Every College Girl for more money-saving and environmentally conscious fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips that every college girl should know.

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  2. Danté Bell says:

    Nice tips. I especially like the H2O tips… We get gallons of water from the local store via their filter system. We use it mainly for the doggys’ water bowls since their systems can’t filter out impurities as well as humans! I then fill up my aluminum container and take that to work. Too bad I can’t take that on a plane (too much of a pain with security) and have to resort to plastic at the airport, boo!
    Ciao, Danté

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