Glamology.com is a green girl's guide to natural and eco-friendly makeup, skin care, esthetics, fashion, and nutrition. Authored by Charmaine Leah, an esthetician and self-described "glamologist", who specializes in natural skin care and healthy beauty. The site features a video blog of how-to's, product reviews, tips, and trends, as well as user message boards.

The Girl

Charmaine Leah Cianciullo is a professional esthetician and skin therapist with a deep passion for beauty and living a natural lifestyle. about1Charmaine Leah specializes in skin care that is simple and yields outstanding results without long-term health risks. She is also renowned for her distinctive eyebrow shaping technique that perfectly complements one's facial features. Having grown up with sensitive skin, she became an activist for alternatives that are authentically organic, earth-friendly, and chemical-free.

aboutpict2As a former model, Charmaine Leah has long been an advocate of positive body image and a balanced lifestyle for young girls. For her, this includes the notion that what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in them.

Charmaine Leah founded Glamology.com out of the desire to help people make healthy, responsible, and glamorous lifestyle choices.

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